Get public trades book [Public]

Get a list of trades by pair (e.g. BTC_USDT). Returns a list of trades, newest first, 100 trades maximum, but not more than specified by the limit parameter.

This is a public route, no need for authorization.

Data dictionary

NameTypeParameter typeRequiredRangeDescription
pairstringPATHYES-A trading pair as per the list from /v4/markets/public/getAll
limitintQUERYNO1-100Maximum amount of results in a response

📘️ Parameter limit defaults to 25 if not provided.

Exemplary request

Please try this request for a start: {{baseURL}}/v4/trade/public/book/BTC_USDT?limit=10

Response structure

You will receive a JSON in the response with data object, an array of trades objects, if more than one, structured like this example:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    "id": "3e5591ba-2778-4d85-8851-54284045ea44",       // Unique identifier of a trade
    "sn": "2908",                                       // Serial number of the trade
    "pair": "BTC_USDT",                                 // Market pair that is being traded
    "quoteQuantity": "11528.8118",                      // Qty of the quote asset, USDT in this example
    "matchPrice": "18649",                              // Exchange price at the moment of execution 
    "matchQuantity": "0.6182",                          // Qty of the base asset, BTC in this example
    "createdAt": "2022-09-23T14:30:41.486Z",            // Date-time of trade execution, UTC 
    "type": "Sell"                                      // Trade type: `Buy` or `Sell`


StatusError codeMessageParameterDescription
400ARGUMENT_VALIDATION_ERRORtake must not be greater than 100limitEnsure 1 <= limit <= 100
400WrongRequestExceptionlimit must be a positive numberlimitReceived a negative number. Ensure 1 <= limit <= 100, has no whitespaces or others chars
400WrongRequestExceptionlimit must be a number conforming to the specified constraintslimitEnsure 1 <= limit <= 100, has no whitespaces or others chars
404NotFoundExceptionCannot GET /v4/trade/public/book?{pair}pairSent pair as QUERY parameter, please send as PATH parameter instead. More info here
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