Get trades by order id [Private]

Get all the trades, associated with the order id. Returns an array of trades, if any were executed per the order.

This is a private route, so the api-key parameter should be sent in the header.

Data dictionary

NameTypeParameter typeRequiredRangeDescription
idstringPATHYES-The UUID of the order to show details.

Exemplary request

To fully utilize this endpoint, the checked order must have executed trades. You may trade with your open orders to accumulate enough data.

Please create a new order using Create a new order endpoint first and then create an opposing order (e.g. invert type to Bid if you created Ask first).
The trade should be executed within seconds.

You should receive an order id in the response when creating orders, please add it to the path of this request: {{baseURL}}/v4/order/private/{{TRADED_ORDER_ID}}/trades

Response structure

You will receive a JSON in the response with data object, structured like this example:

URL: {{baseURL}}/v4/order/private/e050c776-91e6-4c0d-b689-2415f2f74886/trades

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

        "id": "11de520f-6eeb-415f-a84f-1e6302962dcc",           // Unique identifier of a trade
        "orderId": "e050c776-91e6-4c0d-b689-2415f2f74886",      // Unique identifier of an associated order
        "pair": "BTC_USDT",                                     // Traded pair
        "quantity": "0.6265",                                   // Traded quantity
        "price": "20078",                                       // Order price
        "isTaker": false,                                       // Various fees for Makers and Takers; "Market" orders are always `true`
        "fee": "0.00156625",                                    // Exchange commission fee
        "feeCurrency": "BTC",                                   // Currency of the commission
        "isBuyer": true,                                        // Buy or sell the base asset
        "quoteQuantity": "12578.867",                           // Quote asset quantity
        "createdAt": "2022-10-04T15:33:10.046Z"                 // Date-time of trade execution, UTC


StatusError codeMessageParameterDescription
500WrongRequestExceptionid must be a UUIDidIncorrect order id received
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