Create a withdraw

Method for assets withdraw (crypto and fiat).
Returns withdraw Id and Status.

This is a private route, so the api-key parameter should be sent in the header.

Data dictionary

NameTypeParameter typeRequiredRangeDescription
currencystringBODYYES-Currency to withdraw (crypto or fiat)
addressstringBODYNO-Withdraw address for crypto
paymentIdstringBODYNO-Field for withdraw identifier memo / tag / paymentId identifier
paymentMethodstringBODYYES-Withdraw method for currency, shuould be taken from GET preRequest API
withdrawAllbooleanBODYNO-Flag for withdraw all funds with commission included
amountnumberBODYYES-withdraw amount

Response structure

You will receive a JSON in the response with data object, containing withdraw id and status, structured like this example:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    "data": "{ 
       "id": "edb17459-c9bf-4148-9ae6-7367d7f55d71" // Unique identifier of a withdraw 
       "status": "waitingForConfirmation" // status of a withdraw  

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