Create a new order [Private]

Create a new order. Returns an id of your newly created order.

This is a private route, so you need to authorize using one of the two preferred methods.
We recommend using a single api-key parameter for the start.

Data dictionary

NameTypeParameter typeRequiredRangeDescription
typeenumBODYYESLimit, Market, StopLossLimit, TakeProfitLimitType of an order
orderSideenumBODYYESBid, AskBid for buying base asset, Ask for selling base asset. FYI: For BTC_USDT trading pair, BTC is the base asset
pairstringBODYYES-A trading pair as per the list from /v4/markets/public/getAll
quantitystringBODYYES-Quantity of the base asset to buy/sell. Precision depends on the asset as per /v4/markets/public/getAll
pricestringBODYYES-Target exchange price to buy/sell the base asset.
amountstringBODYYES-Amount of the quote asset to use. Precision depends on the asset as per /v4/markets/public/getAll
quoteQuantitystringBODYYES*-The max quantity of the quote asset to use for selling/buying. Precision depends on the asset as per /v4/markets/public/getAll
stopPricestringBODYYES*-For Stop Loss orders, price threshold for stopping order execution


For all price-, amount- and quantity-related parameters the precision depends on the asset as per /v4/markets/public/getAll

Exemplary request

To create an order, you need to include a JSON in the BODY of request. For example:

  "type": "Limit",
  "orderSide": "Ask",
  "pair": "DAY_NIGHT",
  "quantity": "2",
  "price": "4",
  "amount": "8"

Response structure

You will receive a JSON in the response with data object, structured like this example:

HTTP/1.1 201 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    "id": "3e5591ba-2778-4d85-8851-54284045ea44",       // Unique identifier of a new order


StatusError codeMessageParameterDescription
400REQUIRED:QUANTITYRequired quantity is missingquantityRequired parameter is missing
400INVALID:MARKETInvalid market pairpairCheck the trading pair using /v4/markets/public/getAll
500WrongRequestExceptionamount must be a number stringamountRequired parameter is missing
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