Getting started with Kuna v4 API

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Welcome to Kuna v4 API docs

Thank you for your interest in Kuna exchange!
We are delighted to welcome you reading the new Kuna API docs!

Here you may explore the guides and endpoints collection backed up with practical references.
We recommend to start with these sections:

We constantly add new functionality, as well as improve existing, so please feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions.

Should you have any questions or troubles, please reach out to our heroic Kuna support through Telegram.


  1. How can I create an API key?
  • Sign in to your Kuna account and click from the My Account dropdown on the top-right or open straight away;
  • Under "Create new API key" section, input your API key's name. Set the permissions for the new key.
    It is recommended to create separate key for withdrawal operations;
  • Click "Create API key";
  • Save the API public and secret keys.


    Do not share your API keys with anyone!

  1. Do you have a ready-to-go Postman collection that I can work with?
  1. Are there any limitations on requests rates, e.g. per minute, per IP, etc.?
  • Yes, there are limits implemented, varying from 60 to 1200 requests per minute. You may find more info at API rate limits section
  1. Do you have other APIs, besides REST? Like WebSocket, GraphQL, etc.?
  • Yes, you may receive updates to various events through our WebSocket server. More on that here;
  • The GraphQL API is currently in active development and should be available pretty soon. Please subscribe for news alerts at our Facebook page;
  • Please, reach out our support for more information.