Get market info by tickers [Private]

Get information on specific traded pairs. Returns an array of trading pairs objects.


To call any private endpoint, headers should include authorization key(s).

You may use a single API key or a public-private key pair based on your current tasks. Here you may find typical Header configurations for both options.

Method name:/v4/markets/private/tickers?pairs={pairs}
Request type:GET

Data dictionary

NameTypeParameter typeRequiredRangeDescription
pairsstringQUERYYES-A pair of tickers, e.g. BTC_USDT


At least one trading pair should be sent.

Exemplary request

Example pathDescription
/v4/markets/private/tickers?pairs=BTC_UAH,BTC_USDT,ETH_UAHReturns information about BTC_UAH, BTC_USDT and ETH_UAH markets
/v4/markets/private/tickers?pairs=BTC_UAHReturns information only about BTC_UAH market
const apiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY"; // put here your Api key

const url = "";
const path = "/v4/markets/private/tickers?pairs=BTC_UAH,BTC_USDT,ETH_UAH";
const options = {
  headers: {
    accept: "application/json",
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "api-key": apiKey,

fetch(url + path, options)
  .then((response) => response.json())
  .then((showResponse) => console.log(;
import requests

apiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY"; #  put here your Api key

url = ""
path = "/v4/markets/private/tickers?pairs=BTC_UAH,BTC_USDT,ETH_UAH"
headers = {
    "accept": "application/json",
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "api-key": apiKey,

request = requests.get(url + path, headers=headers)

How to call public endpoints here

Swagger here


        "pair": "BTC_USDT",                                   // Traded pair
        "percentagePriceChange": "-0.03490931899641581",      // Relative price change, in percent  
        "price": "27900",                                     // Current median price
        "equivalentPrice": "",                                // TBD
        "high": "29059.69",                                   // Highest price
        "low": "27900",                                       // Lowest price
        "baseVolume": "2.9008499999999993",                   // Traded volume as base 
        "quoteVolume": "82251.41477976",                      // Traded volume as quote
        "bestBidPrice": "27926.91",                           // The best bid price now
        "bestAskPrice": "27970.02",                           // The best ask price now
        "priceChange": "-973.9700000000012"                   // Absolute price change