Get client info [Private]

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To call any private endpoint, headers should include authorization key(s).

You may use a single API key or a public-private key pair based on your current tasks. Here you may find typical Header configurations for both options.

Method name:/v4/private/me
Request type:GET

Exemplary request

const apiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY"; // put here your Api key

const url = "";
const path = "/v4/private/me";
const options = {
  method: "GET",
  headers: {
    accept: "application/json",
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "api-key": apiKey,

fetch(url + path, options)
  .then((response) => response.json())
  .then((showResponse) => console.log(;
import requests

api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY"  # put here your Api key

url = ""
path = "/v4/private/me"
headers = {
    "accept": "application/json",
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "api-key": api_key,

request = requests.get(url + path, headers=headers)

How to call private endpoints here

Swagger here


    "id": "93adcb31-a266-4c6e-98e8-5fc574cd230d",           // Unique identifier of the user
    "fullName": "John Smith",                               // Name of the user
    "language": "en",                                       // Language preferences
    "merchantId": "16324228-5ytc-5abc-4sra-c90259b21d4e",   // Unique merchant identifier
    "referenceCurrency": "UAH",                             // Reference currency for UI
    "username": "john-smith-user",                          // Username of the user
    "verificationStatus": "accepted",                       // User verification state
    "confirmationSetting": {                                // Indicates if a confirmation is sent in case of an action
        "withdraw": false                                   // Confirmation of the withdrawal action (off in this case)
    "motificationSetting": {                                // Indicates if a notification is sent in case of an event 
        "advertisement": false,                             // Inform about new promos (off in this case)
        "deposit": false,                                   // Inform about new deposits (off in this case)
        "login": false,                                     // Inform about new login detection (off in this case)
        "order": false,                                     // Inform about new order creation (off in this case)
        "withdraw": false                                   // Inform about successful withdrawal (off in this case)