General API information

General information you need to know before using the API

Base URL

The base URL is:

Request/response schema

All requests and responses are application/json content type and follow typical HTTP response status codes for success and failure.

Public and Private endpoints

There are 2 types of endpoints: public and private.

Public endpoints can be called without authenticating.

Private endpoints require authorization when sending requests.

For your convenience, we placed corresponding tags next to endpoints to indicate whether they are public or private.

The list of public and private API endpoints

Here is a quick summary of public and private endpoints.

These endpoints can be called without authorization:

Public endpointsDescription
/v4/public/timestampGet time on the Kuna server
/v4/public/feesGet fees
/v4/markets/public/getAllView all trading pairs
/v4/markets/public/tickersView specific trading pairs
/v4/public/currenciesView information about available currencies
/v4/order/public/bookView public order book
/v4/trade/public/bookView public trades book

These endpoints require authorization:


To call any private endpoint, headers should include authorization key(s).

You may use a single API key or a public-private key pair based on your current tasks. Here you may find typical Header configurations for both options.

Private endpointsDescription
/v4/private/meView your account info
/v4/private/getBalanceView your wallet balances
/v4/order/private/createCreate a new order
/v4/order/private/activeView your active orders
/v4/order/private/historyView your order history
/v4/trade/private/historyView your trades history
/v4/order/private/detailsView details of a single order
/v4/order/private/{id}/tradesView trades by order id
/v4/order/private/cancelCancel a single order
/v4/order/private/cancel/multiCancel multiple orders
/v4/deposit/private/crypto/addressFind a constant crypto address for deposit
/v4/deposit/private/crypto/generateAddressGenerate a constant crypto address for deposit
/v4/deposit/private/crypto/getMerchantAddressFind temporary crypto addresses (Available only for Merchant)
/v4/deposit/private/crypto/generateMerchantAddressGenerate a temporary crypto address for deposit (Available only for Merchant)
/v4/deposit/private/preRequestView info about deposit payment methods by currency name
/v4/deposit/private/historyView deposit history
/v4/deposit/private/details/{depositId}View deposit details by id
/v4/transaction/private/{hash}View deposit or withdrawal information by its hash ID
/v4/withdraw/private/preRequestView info about withdrawal methods by currency name
/v4/withdraw/private/createCreate a withdraw
/v4/withdraw/private/historyView withdraw history
/v4/withdraw/private/details/{withdrawId}View withdraw details by id
/v4/kuna-codeCreate a new Kuna Code
/v4/kuna-code/{id}View Kuna Code details by id
/v4/kuna-code/{code}/checkCheck Kuna Code by the first 5 symbols
/v4/kuna-code/issued-by-meView history of created Kuna Сodes
/v4/kuna-code/redeemed-by-meView history of activated Kuna Сodes
/v4/kuna-code/redeemActivate a Kuna Code

API calls rate limits

Kuna Exchange implemented the following API rate limits:

  1. Public endpoints:
    • 60 calls per minute.
  2. Private endpoints:
    • 60 calls per minute for unauthenticated users;
    • 300 calls per minute for authenticated users;
    • 1200 calls per minute for authenticated PRO and VIP users.